ViRo Live Studio

ViRo Live Studio combines the best live performing technology with a focus on tools geared towards adult entertainment. It’s based directly off of the tools ViRo Playspace developed in-house for Vex Ruby. Vex and the team can’t wait to see what you create!

See ViRo Live Studio in Action!

Full Body Tracking

Full Body Tracking is when utilizing three vive trackers, two VR controllers (we recommend Valve Index controllers), and ViRo Studio Face Portal with a VEx Helm.

This mode gives you a wide range of motion to fully express yourself.

Great with just a VR headset

Performed with Oculus Quest 2

Simulated Face Tracking¬†mode is best used when performing in VR without dedicated face tracking hardware. It works by listening to your voice through your headset’s mic and making a best guess on what it is you’re saying. The low latency response time makes for decent lip syncing in a pinch.

Since this only requires a VR headset with controllers, this makes for a great entry into virtual performing.

Fantastic Face Tracking

ViRo Live Face Portal is a companion app for iOS that streams high quality facial expressions, mic audio, and head tracking wirelessly to ViRo Live Studio. It can even record FBX animations with audio for you animators out there!

This works great with the Virtual Expression Helmet (Vex Helmet), which is designed to reduce neck strain for long streams by placing the iPhone on the top of your head instead of in front of it.

This requires an iOS device with Face ID capability.

You can get the companion app here:

Click on the Image to get a Vex Helmet

Automated Integration with Cam Site APIs

ViRo Live Studio works directly with Chaturbate and other popular cam site(s) API integration, tipping and live customer interaction support, as well as integration with over 100 of the most popular haptic sex toys from manufacturers such as Lovense, Kiiroo and many more.

This allows you to focus on performing while your scene reacts to tips automatically!

Direct Interactions with Many Adult Toys

ViRo Live Studio also supports ViRo Playspace video Touchback.  Record your lewd performances to video and it will interact with adult toys when playing back the video in ViRo Playspace.

Customize Everything

ViRo Live Studio Console Commands provide amazing functionality for any performer looking to refine every aspect of their performance.  With these, you can load new props, bring in fully designed 3d backgrounds, and even import custom made avatars!  Pretty cool, right?  This is here so you can dive right in without having to wait for us to develop additional tools to get the results you want.  It also works with the windows clipboard so you can control ViRo Live Studio with things like TouchPortal or even a website.

Native VRM support from VRoid

Create Items and Sell them for Real Money on the Item Store

ViRo Live Studio includes a Untiy3D project with tools to assist you in making anything you want for your performance.  Custom avatars, props, environments, the list goes on.

You can share your creation with everyone on ViRo Live Studio and even sell the item on the ViRo Live Studio Рuser Created Item Store.  Steam handles all of the payment processing, inventory, and payouts.